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Canasta. I know, noses up already. 

Duplicate canasta. Noses still up, but do I detect a little interest from sanction holders?

Canasta Junction is an app that the Canasta League of America operates. When they came to me, can it possibly be just a little over a month ago, with this idea, I must say I was intrigued. Their app has been out for about five years. Social play, either against robots or against real people, is what they offer. Within the next month they will be launching canasta tournaments on their app. 

People can play canasta at home. Why would they pay to play at a club?

Same goes for bridge.

But tournament canasta, like tournament bridge needs a club. 

Just to test the water, about a month ago I sent out an email asking if there was any interest in canasta play or  learning. 

The week of July 9th we start teaching beginning canasta. I'm booked solid. We are maxed out at 80 people! Here's the kicker, at least half of them are bridge players.

That same week we will also begin social canasta sessions. We have five scheduled each week. Players are already signing up. 

We haven't even talked about tournament style canasta yet.


Canasta has no resemblance to bridge, but it does involve cards. We are finding it increasingly difficult to teach bridge because the average person coming to us never played cards. This might be a way in. This might also allow us to say to students who aren't getting it, "Look you already gave us $200 for bridge lessons, how about we apply what's left to canasta. It's easier to learn, and once you are more familiar with cards, you might give bridge a try again".

Here's what our bridge and canasta players tell us. Bridge is intellectual, canasta is fun. That might be a knock on both, but I think you get the point. We'll serve wine at night, why not?

We are charging regular bridge card fees.

The landlord won't be asking where the money came from.

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