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Clubs and the virus

What now?

When we look back, Monday March 9th, might be labled "Day 1". Despite the news, it was not until that day that clubs that make up the Common Game showed a loss of players.  All that suddenly changed, and dramatically so, when we lost 2000 tables today, as 25% of our players chose to stay away. My three clubs suffered the same fate. 


Fear, justified at this moment in time or not. 

We are the poster child demographically. "Elder" and "congregating" are the two words that so perfectly match every warning out there coming from every possible source. But it's worse. At least half of my players who chose not to come were not "elder" or even close. 

I'd like to hear your thoughts on steps you are taking or planning to take in the face of this pandemic.  Are your plans short term or do you have a more doomsday plan thought out, should it come to that? 

Tell me yours/ I'll tell you mine.

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