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Honors is not proud of the fact that we probably lead the country in evening table count. Mondays we do fine. But most other nights we struggle to break 12 tables. Most evenings we are the only game in town. And that's in a city of more than 6,000,000. 48 players is about what percent of  6 mil? 

This certainly speaks to our demographics. Afternoons...45 tables. Evening...10 tables. Afternoons are empty nesters and retirees. Evenings working people.

Afternoon players want to spend four hours of their day with us. Lunch, game, analysis. That's about four hours. Evening players rush in, gobble down dinner, play for three hours and rush out.

Why the difference? Obvious. Time.

Evening players tell me why they often play online. Time.

In just the past two days 12-board games have been mentioned. One, on another forum just now. One when Barbara Seagram came visiting yesterday (I love to drop names). 

Coincidentally about a month ago I decided to try something new. Beginning on Wednesday July 11th, our Wednesday evening duplicate game will be split into two "halves". The first game will include dinner and 15 boards. The second will include hot hors d'oeuvers and 12 boards. Players can play in either one or both. I believe ACBL awards 60% for 12-board and 15-board games. If you win both, you can earn 120% for the evening.

This concept offers working people flexibility and, to some extent, deals with the problem of time.

We'll roll it out in a couple of weeks and see what the reaction is.

Anyone else out there try this already or want to weigh in?

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