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Handicap scores to increase open game players attendance.

Every so often, I get requests to hold a Handicap scored game for our Open sessions. The concept is to encourage lower masterpoint players to participate with a chance of getting some awards. I have searched high and low and don't find many clubs trying this out, at least in the ACBL land. And even some that advertise handicap games in the ACBL online club directoryseem to not be running them when I check their club page.

Now the question -

What is the best way toestablish a handicap game, to get lower level player fo play?

Almost all games I have found in the ACBL land use the 100% masterpoints for scratch and 50% masterpoints for hadicap rankings so I will assume this on the questions below

I have seen at lease each of these approaches used.

1) Base the handicap on past experience at the club or in the actual game.

2) Break theplayers into groups andassign apply handicaps to ensure some masterpoints if they play well enough (not necessarilygreat) Example Iwould stratify but the lowest numper of pairs don't meetthe 3 pair requirement. So I give them equivalent of 30% or more hadicap to ensue the better of the two pairs or the only pair attendingshould get some masterpoints.

3)Keep track of handicaps and modify them up and down after a win or lost the previous game continue until the pair wins and then start reducing their handicap on wins and increasing after no win. Start lower level players with very large handicap values.

4) Use a table to calculate based on maserpoint holding or other ranking.

1) Have handicapping be based on past experience at the club or in the game being handicapped.
2) Handicap only players below a certain masterpoint break point and give them hadicaps to almost ensure they will place..
3) Handicap changes to reflect recent results (wins or no wins) from hadicap scored game.
4) Use a handicaping table chart. If so, please comment on chart or methos use
5) Its a waste of time just keep it an open game and let the new players get better or just have them return to a limited game. Handicaps annoy both top and bottom players.
6) Figure out a way to get enough players into the lowest group to have a good stratification game. Suggestions?
7) Handicap games don't work to get more players into open games in the long run so don't try.
8) Other

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