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How One Boy Came to Love Bridge

Or Shameless Self-Promotion Alert!

I recently spoke to Barbara Heller who I think lives in the Knoxville area. She told me that they are doing an excellent job of finding new bridge players by offering a Learn Bridge in a Day class and then following up with beginner classes. According to both Barbara and Kevin Wilson, who runs the LBiaD classes, it works. With that in mind, I am planning to organize a LBiaD class here in Charlottesville, VA in September.

For all of the club owners and teachers who are interested in adding an extra arrow in their quivers, please consider doing a screening of my documentary Double Dummy in a theatre in advance of your beginner class offering. You can book a theatre through Tugg.com and meet non-bridge players in an environment where they feel comfortable.

We did a screening here in Charlottesville on February 28th and Nan Massie announced afterwards that she was going to be offering a beginners bridge class starting on March 19th. At that point, a young boy in attendance turned to his father and said, "Can we go?"

His father of course agreed and now we have a new 11 year old bridge enthusiast for whom the possibilities are endless. I was so enthused by this that I came and served as a teachers assistant for the weekly two hour classes for free. It both helped me learn how Nan teaches beginners and see how I might be able to present material in a more informative way.

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