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Introduction to Swiss Teams

We did the unthinkable (sarcasm), we introduced the club to Swiss Teams (technically Round Robin) with four tables.

Many people had been asking to learn it, so we did our best to get exactly four tables and tried things out.

Here’s a fun recap of Round 1:

* One team wrote all their scores on the wrong line.

* Half the teams didn’t know how to keep score without the Bridgemates.

* Lots of grumpiness from our eldest players who were in no mood to learn something new.

* Luckily the opposing teams and teammates helped out a lot, and we had two directors working tonight to alleviate issues.

* The round ended, IMPs and VPs calculates, and half the players still don’t know what’s going on.

* The scores were all close in the end.

Most importantly we made it to Round Two and things have seemingly become 10x easier for everybody.

Why post this here?  Because I wanted to thank everybody on this forum for their suggestions and guidance over the past few months on questions I’ve had about team games.  My club is a new, small, and 2/3 of the memberships aren’t even ACBL members yet, so it’s been a fun challenge.

Anybody have memories of the first time you tried to direct a Swiss Team event?

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