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Once again I'm reaching out to our newly formed forum. Once again it is in preparation for the talk I'm to be giving at the ABTA Conference in Atlanta, the title of which is, "Five weeks to beginning bridge".

I'd like your input on LBIAD.

Learn Bridge in a Day is Patty Tucker's long running, very well attended, introduction to bridge. I have seen her in action at several National tournaments, with attendance running to sixty or more absolute beginners. I especially like the fact that she tries to have a volunteer helper at EACH table for the entire session.

I am interested in hearing from those of you who have personal knowledge of how LBIAD is followed up.  What happens to these students?

I know they get recommended to teachers and clubs in their area. But what actually does happen? Do teachers and clubs actually follow up? Do these all-day graduates  get sent hellos, do they get phone calls, receive emails?

Do we have statistics about who and how many of these students, if not contacted by the local bridge community,  make the effort themselves to follow up?

Do we know what the follow-up course #2 looks like? Do we know what percent actually take course #2? Do we know how many get integrated into the bridge community? And of course, bottom line, do we know what percentage become ACBL members?

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