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October 2018 "Bulletin" Letter to Editor on Teaching Method

In this month's "Bulletin", "In Box", p.7, Joseph Browan of Maplewood, MN, shares his method of teaching bidding, play, and defense to intermediates. He says his table-coaches and students love the method, which works much like a bridge movie. I think it would be a great way to follow up Jeff' Bayonne's method of teaching beginners, the "Taste of Bridge" method where students begin with NT play and end with suit bidding. 

ACBL members can check out Browan's letter in their "Bulletin" or access it online. Others can try this link--nor sure it will work for non-members.

For me, the random-hand method could be improved on by pre-dealing hands that have a new weekly theme and a that review themes taught in previous weeks. And, since I don't like clutter on the table, rather than cover the hands with sheets of paper, I would prefer putting them back into the board. 

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