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Proposal: ACBL Membership Growth Fund

With an $18MM turn and just breaking even today, we cannot expect the current ACBL financial model to provide the support that meaningful growth will require.  This proposes setting up a special fund that will reimburse clubs and teachers for objective results.  The source of funds will be a surcharge of $1 per person per session across all ACBL sanctioned games.  Yes, people do not like price increases, however the nature of this increase is to reimburse those who successfully sponsor new full members. All funds will be returned to clubs and teachers based on proven membership growth.  All members should see this as a great way to grow membership and improve their clubs and tournaments.   I'd envision running this for 5 years for a fair trial.  

The source of support for recruiting will come form the members themselves.  Pay as you play is the fairest.  Please see the proposal for details.  

I present this link to a .pdf file because the detail does not work well in the BW article format. Our Board of Governors Teacher and Club Manager Committee is deliberating on this proposal as we speak.  We thought this forum would be a great place to get business-focused feedback from our stakeholders. 

I look forward to your thoughts on how to make this better.


Steve Moese 

Edited linked document 24 Jun 2018 to modify the proposal document to correct BBO contribution (Thanks Uday) and to show major concerns expressed here. All edits are shown (nothing deleted).  

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