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Target group >3?

A club owner I admire once said that for every 5 people who came to Beginner I, two dropped out immediately and only a single person survived to year 5. (He has since become more pessimistic.) Taking his comment to heart, however, it seems to me that some data acquisition is in order to try to concentrate the efforts of clubs. And the object should be to firmly keep that fifth player.

Although I do not myself run a club (I am a club pro), it seems that a survey of club attendees in the 3-5 years of bridge playing is very important for figuring out who stays and who goes and who might stay. Here is a suggested partial survey.


1) Is this principally at a single club?

2) Did you learn at the club or elsewhere?

3) Did you come to bridge with (a) friends OR (b) to meet friends?

      If (a), are your friends still playing?

4) Your age group? Are your partners also in this age group?

5) Do you play or care about sectionals or regionals?

     More generally, do you ever travel for bridge (including bridge cruises)?

6) Do you have co-workers who play?


These are just a few of the types of data it seems are needed to target the long(er) term clientele bridge clubs need. It may also lead to insights of money-making events. I recognize that conditions are dire for club owners. But perhaps there is some undiscovered fruit in this target set.

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