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There are now 80 teachers and club sanction holders on this site.

Time to step up to the plate. 

This forum is meant to be an exchange of ideas. So lets exchange.


Once again...

I'm to give a talk at the American Bridge Teachers' Association conference in Atlanta a little less than a month from now.

"Five Weeks to Beginning Bridge"

I can certainly just go about presenting my own views and methods. But you are one of 80 experienced professionals on this forum, almost all of you taught beginners at one time or another.

Forget  my original list of ten areas. All but a few chose to.

Give me one suggestion that works for you.

Give me one area of teaching that you think needs improving.

Give me a website other than Best E Bridge that you use as an aid for beginners.

Give me teaching materials, other than your personal material, that you use. 

Tell me exactly what you try to have covered in, say, those first six beginner lessons. How much bidding? 

Give me something.

And in doing so, give each other something too.

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