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The dividing line between advanced beginner and intermediate?

We have spent the last couple days talking about how to introduce bridge to a beginner, but now let's talk about the difference between an advanced beginner (somebody who can do well in an I/N game) vs. an intermediate (extra conventions, can do well in a true open game).  Of course those 2-second definitions are subjective.

But if you had to list conventions, what conventions/treatments/systems do you think you would classify as "advanced beginner" in nature and which are more of a "intermediate" level?

For example:

  • NMF
  • Michael's & Unusual
  • Drury variations
  • Bergen Raises
  • Two suited overcalls of NT openers (DONT, Capp, etc)
  • Lebensohl
  • Cuebidding controls
  • Various X's other than basic penalty and takeout (support, responsive, etc)
  • Various discarding or lead methods
  • Seriously, just throw in any concepts you'd like to discuss
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