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Two things that I consider successes from my bridge teaching activities this week:

I got an email from a most gracious intermediate to advanced student yesterday, "What could I have done so that we avoided this misunderstanding?"(1) I consider that I have done more for her in that she puts the question that way than in any of the technical bridge information I have provided.

I was hired to teach a couple of teenagers (actually a teen and a near teen) bridge. This is Mom's project and the kids are not entirely enthusiastic, but not crossed arm defiant either. Last week Mom tells me that she is really trying to get them to learn bridge as a "family time together" activity. This week we manage to get kids interested a bit more and have Mom involved too. Yes the kids still bicker with and sibling rival each other but also they are starting to find a more constrained outlet for their competitive drives (against each other). Mom is so happy about the outcome that she chases me out the door to thank me again. I am so happy that I consider I would continue to teach bridge even if . . . as I pass by an advertisement for this week's $300 million + MegaMillions drawing.

Life is good. This week.

(1) She bid garbage stayman in what rapidly escalated into a contested auction. I misdiagnosed the strength held by my tricky OPPs, thinking she had a typical INV+ stayman strength hand and they were just fooling around, and put myself in a hopeless 3NT opposite a lone Q. Fortunately not doubled, but minus 5 IMPs for two extra undertricks anyway.

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