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Covid Screens

In the "Plans to reopen" thread, I suggested that using screens would be a potentially beneficial measure to reduce the risk of virus transfer at the bridge table as you have a facial barrier between you and two of the other three people at the table. Whilst my local bridge club has plenty of screens, it's typically only state associations and NBOs that have such equipment so this obviously won't be a measure readily available to most bridge clubs.

An alternative that I'm thinking of is having two screens going across both diagonals of the table but with the aperture permanently open so the playing area is visible at all times throughout the auction and play. Accordingly, there will be no change to alert/announce procedures currently used for face-to-face bridge. This way you won't be able to see the face of either of your opponents or your partner but will see everything happening on the table. It will, however, be strictly verbotento poke your head into the aperture to tell your partner or opponents anything, noting that corflute is acoustically transparent.

These would be inexpensive to make requiring just a couple of 1200x600 sheets of corflute or twin-wall cardboard cut to a simple template. At scale, these could be fabricated by firms that make supermarket displays, voting booths, etc. They would easily flat-pack for bridge clubs that need to set-up and pack-up in shared premises for each session.

With some pre-cut holes in the lower corners, the screens could be firmly secured to the table with shoelaces or string; but I think they will probably be rigid enough to sit on the table by themselves.

I have a few left-over sheets of corflute in my garage so I'll try to make a prototype later today. Corflute is probably the ideal material as it's very light, easy to work with, and can be easily cleaned.

A rough design can be viewed here:

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