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Mea Culpa

Originally as we were all hearing more and more about the coronavirus, I generally felt as I so often do: believing in free choice for individuals. That was why I believed that those who felt it was too dangerous to attend the NABC should not - yet those who still wished to attend should. (Along with the caveat that the ACBL would hold it and that there were enough people to have the event be meaningful.)

Now I realize that I was not taking into account details about transmission and some of the deeper dangers in having an event like our NABC, irrespective of the preferences of people.So for those who thought I wasn't giving enough weight to all the factors involved - I now agree. I didn't. Sorry I was putting too much import into free choice - and not appreciating fully the potential dangers to others from choice.

Appreciate all the thoughts that were shared. I was slow - but - finally I heard you!

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