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Should ACBL staff be furloughed?

At a time when many companies are laying off or furloughing employees and CEOs are even giving up their salaries, how is it that ACBL salaried employees continue to be paid?  

With the coronavirus, clubs are closed for what is likely many months.  Tournaments may not be able to be run until there is a vaccine given the vulnerable population and the risk of an outbreak.  While there have been efforts to move club games online, can the current situation and reduced revenue for ACBL justify continuing to pay 57 full-time office staff and 34 full-time field workers their salaries rather than furlough or lay them off?  Wages and salaries exceed $10 million per year and while ACBL membership has declined, salaries have only increased over time.

On their tax returns, the organization's mission is:"to promote, grow and sustain the game of bridge and serve the bridge-related interests of its members ."

It seems the only interests ACBL is serving is its employees.  As the pandemic continues, how long can the current situation persist before there are no resources left?

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