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There probably WILL be a Montreal NABC

Spoke to a bacteriologist at a major NY hospital with 35 years experience in the field. Asked him the question about the government of Quebec permitting larger gatherings by the time of the Montreal NABC. Told me he'd look up some statistics, and call me back. Called me five minutes later, told me he'd looked at their curve, and told me "Probably about a 80% chance they would not be forbidding large gatherings by then."

The ACBL's financial position has not magically gotten better in the last three and a half weeks. They were bailed out of a very tough position by the governor of Ohio acting when he did. They are not likely to be bailed out this time, and they aren't going to commit financial suicide.Rightly or wrongly, unless they are bailed out by the government of Quebec prohibiting it--which is not likely at that point--there will be a Montreal NABC, which will probably be poorly attended...but will be held.

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