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5-5 Minor Follow-Up Bids

Recently, p and I changed our 1nt - 3 to indicate 5-5 minors. (3 = puppet). We did so because we had means to show 5-5 majors, and no way to show the minors.

In any event, we thought it would not be too common. Lo'  and behold in a regional event in Pine Mountain, Ga recently, the 5-5 minor hand occurred 3 times (twice in the pairs event and once in a team event) after p’s 1NT (14+ - 17) opening. In one hand, i held 5-5 in the minors and 16 HCP… in the other hands our partnership held 5-5 and 6-5 in the minors with less than 10 HCP.  What we had not discussed, and are now considering, is how do we follow up after 1NT - 3? How do we distinguish great hands from minimum hands? How do we get to slam when we have a good hand?

So, I guess I am asking what are your follow-up bids to 5-5 minors?

Thanks for the input!

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