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A Foolish Double

Today at the weekly MP tournament after some competition opponents bid 3 which I Xed. When declarer played the penultimate card(as seen/known from the cards left with me) from hand dummy had only one left and it transpired declarer had 3 and the defenders had two each. They made 11 tricks. But this being MPs :) I called the director who ruled that the board is fouled and they the opponents would get a below average score for playing with 14 and 12. Obviously they piled on to the director and said my calling the TD was self serving. The result wouldn't have mattered if they began with the right 13 each, it would still score 3X making 5.Was the TD right? Was my calling the TD self serving? It was but I thought if an irregularity has occured TD should be called. AND in any case we would have to call him to get the boards corrected.

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