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Bidding over a strong 2C

Recently I've had a lot of debates as to how to bid over 2.  I know most of the different systems that people use over a strong (22+) 2.  The one thing I'm not totally convinced about, though, is why one system is better than another (other than my personal beliefs).  Personally, I play and teach version of 2 Negative (no double negatives), but most people in my bridge community prefer 2 Waiting.

This brings me to my questions:

1.) What system do you use?

2.) Why do you use your system vs. other systems?

3.) Similar to question #2, can you list some positives/negatives of various common systems? 

* 2 Waiting

* 2 Negative

* 2 Bust/Double Negative

* Steps

* Control-showing

* Any others that the average intermediate or beginner player would usually play.

If necessary, feel free to direct me to similar topics on the board already.  Thanks in advance!

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