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Compressed Bergen

Some 14 years ago, I played with a partner named Bill Huggenberg, who, as far as I know, was the "inventor" of a convention he called Compressed Bergen.  After he left the game, I became the official keeper of the file for this convention, and, in the intervening years, I have made more than a few additions and modifications based on experience in playing it and feedback from other players.  The file now runs to 9 pages, including options that complement the system (e-mail me if you want to receive the file).  Having played the convention for that many years, I can say that I have found it very helpful.  I've had other players ask me what I have liked best about it, and they are surprised when I say, "It keeps me out of games that don't make."  I also like the way it helps in finding slams.  With a few exceptions, all 4-card (or more) raises of a 1H/1S opening are handled by bidding 2NT, which asks opener what he needs to make game.  The 3 level responses, which are part of regular Bergen sequences, are now used to show splinters with at least limit raise values (Serious 3NT works well with 3-level splinters).  Four level jumps in a new suit can now be used as fit-showing.  My more recent modifications have addressed the problems created by interference, especially a 3S overcall after 1H - pass - 2NT, since that bid creates the biggest problem.  I would be happy to hear from anyone who has played this convention, and I will gladly address any specific questions.  I felt that 9 pages of notes would be too much in this forum.

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