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Defense to Cappelletti 2D

Can someone recommend a defense to Cappelletti 2D and similar NT interference auctions when the opponents make an artificial bid showing a 2-suited hand with both suits known? Following are a few questions/comments relative to Cappelletti 2D to motivate the discussion: (1) It seems to me that the approach might be different if the interference is in the direct seat vs the passout seat. (2) Does a double mean I have the ability to penalize the opponents in one of their suits; I have values, this hand is ours; lead directing for diamonds; or some other artificial bid? (3) Does 2H or 2S show a stopper trying to get to 3NT (and denying a stopper in the other suit) or unusual vs unusual for the other two suits? (4) Is 2NT natural with stoppers in both of the opponents' suits or Lebensohl? (5) If Lebensohl applies, how is a direct 2NT bid different than letting the opponents divulge their fit and then bidding 2NT?

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