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Effective Training Suggestions?

Hi All,

I played bridge a lot from Spring 06 to Spring 09, drifted away, then have been back playing again seriously for the past 14 months or so. I feel like I've knocked a lot of the rust off, but would like to focus and improve skills in a more targeted manner than simply playing bridge and hoping to improve organically. Reading books also helps and I'm currently working through the Art of Declarer Play (which is amazing!) and some others. However, some things I think I just need repetition and practice and would love some ideas/thoughts/suggestions etc on how to most effectively do that.

Specific weaknesses:

1) Declarer Play. I'll do fine in most contracts and can find the more obvious squeezes/endplays/etc but when I compare myself to the strongest players in my area, I feel declarer play is a clear deficiency of my game. Specifically, the technical aspects of declarer play. For example, something dumb I did recently is AKQx xxx xxx QJx opposite Txx Axx Axx AT9x in 3NT on a diamond lead at imps, I didn't cash the AK of spades before taking the finesse. The finesse is off, but the J of spades was doubleton so I went down in a cold contract.

2) Noticing every card played and tracking the meaning and count of the hand throughout. Right now I sometimes lose focus and miss a card or don't track the count and rely on inferences. While this works fine most of the time, it doesn't work perfectly all the time. My memory has improved significantly over the past year, but its time to start adding the ability to notice, remember, and track the meaning of every card to my game. This is a muscle I need to continue to strengthen.

I feel like these both come from play, but I'd love to find ways to practice that are more time efficient than playing a board every 7 minutes at the club. I own the bridge game "Jack" and am willing to purchase other tools to practice. I also go through the level 3-5 hands on BBO occasionally, but wish there were a lot more hands to practice with.

I would welcome thoughts on how to utilize Jack, BBO, and any other tools to improve declarer play, card tracking, etc in an effective fashion. I realize I can just play hands, but it feels like there are more and less effective ways to go about this so would love guidance on how to "train" in a focused fashion.

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