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If I open 1, can I rebid 1 with Four s after 1 overcall?

This is a question to which I am unsure of the answer because of my being new to the game of Bridge.

Suppose I am the dealer and I hold:

AJ87 862 K3 AQT6

With both sides playing 2/1, the bidding goes as follows:

Me: 1

LHO: Pass

Partner: 1

RHO: 1

Now the bidding comes back to me.

Of course, I can’t rebid 1NT because that would promise a stopper (or two) in ’s, which I don‘t have.

I can’t support partner‘s ’s, obviously.

I can‘t rebid my suit, because I don’t have six.

But can I rebid 1, or would that promise that I have five? It seems to me that partner would know I have only four ’s, because if I had five I would have opened the bidding with that suit.

And I am well aware that 1 would be a perfectly fine rebid absent the 1 overcall by my RHO.

That being said, I am not 100% certain whether or not the meaning of 1 changes after a 1 overcall and so wanted to put the question to you all.

Thank you for your help.

Yes, 1 is a perfectly fine rebid in this situation.
No, in this situation, 1 is telling partner that you hold 5 ’s and so you need to bid something else, double, or pass.

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