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Improving my bidding & defence skills

I am brand new to duplicate bridge. I love it, but, probably like most club players, I am seeking to improve.

When I look at my scores, my biggest mistakes are in bidding and in defence. We get a 0% for allowing +1 when everyone else allows =. Or, I go down as declarer in a NT part score when it should have been in a suit.

Can anyone point me to helpful resources (websites, programs, books) for practicing these things? I've read enough and taken enough lessons that I know the theory, and can usually identify my mistakes in hindsight, but I need constant and consistent practice to recognize them in my own games.

[One problem with bidding resources that I have found and like—for example, Root's Commensense Bidding, or the Baker Bridge website, or Richard Pavlicek's website—use slightly different point ranges from what I was taught [e.g., 16–18 points for 1NT, or 6–10 points instead of 6–9 for a simple raise of 1 of a major].

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