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Intermediate 2H/2S Openings

Recently joined Bridge Winners and this is my first post as opposed to a response, so please forgive if this is wrong place.

I am reviewing my two bids in both Acol and 5 card major strong NT if that makes any difference.

Being in UK I play a few variations of 2 level openings. Benji Acol 2 weak twos in majors. Strong 2C with 3 weak 2’s. Strong Club, weak only multi 2D, Lucas 2H/2S. Strong 2C, Ekren 2D and weak 2 in majors. I have noticed on English international convention cards they play Strong 2C, Multi 2D and intermediate in the majors. 5 Card majors Scanian way also play this way.

So, what are the benefits of playing Multi 2D and intermediate 2’s in the majors? 

Also, if there is an option of open 1S or 2S how does once decide?



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