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Modified Roman Blackwood, RB 13-20.

Long ago, in the 1960s, the famous italian Blue Team amended the Blackwood convention to show  5C=0 or 3, 5D= 1 or 4 and 5H =2 Aces.

This later became the popular RKCB 1430., which is used in suit slam  bidding, while slam bidding in NT is usually based on the Gerber 4C bid.

But suppose your patner refuses to adopt the Gerber bid, what alternative can you suggest?


Why not consider an adjustment of the original Roman bid by making 5C= 1 or 3,  5D=2 or 0 and 5H= 4 Aces.

this method could be known as RB 13-20. Note the similarity to RKCB 14-30.

Holding 4 Aces occurs 1 per 15 sessions. There are 7 hand patterns with only 4 Aces  and 5 or fewer cards as the longeast suit.

Some of these may be used by some players to pen 1 NT.. But they have different true point values, varying from 16.7 to 19.2 based on  Kaplan's 4C count.


If the Blackwood biddder finds the pair is short 1 Ace, hhe can sign of in a major unbid suit to let partner bid 5 NT.


What would be the shortcommings of this convention?

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