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Responder's Bids After A Michaels Cue Bid

I have a partner who insists on playing some form of Bergen (Bromad) for major suit support over ALL and ANY interference bidding by the opponents. Even though I'm not totally in love with the idea I've agreed to play it with the exception being over  MQ and Unusual NT. (Or so I thought he knew that it didn't work well under those circumstances.) This was his hand: K108  K97  AKQxxx.

I opened 1 and my left hand opponent bid 2.

are known and it should be apparent that most likely  are the second suit.

He made a bid that I could pass (it wasn't 3) and I did.  The bid is not germane to the discussion at this point, but what I said he should and what just about everyone else said he should have bid was 3 (forcing, natural, and not any type of a Bergen raise for .) Over this particular MQ since  are the only known suit he should bid 3 with a limit raise or better in  (not 3, 4, 2NT, 3NT, or double.) 3 or 3 are unequivocally natural and should be forcing.

The next day he agreed that even though he thought the bid he made was forcing (2NT) he should have doubled, negative I would presume, and that I would and should have bid 3 with  AQ109x  AJx  Jxxx and we would have been in 6 (played from my side of the table!)  I contend as do most other players that a double here would show about 10 to 12 HCP and should show a hand something like  K10xx  KJ10x  Axxx, a desire to defend, and over the UN NT would deny length and strength in the other major, and in reality I should have and would have passed and left the opponents to try to excavate themselves from the muck and mire they were about to wallow in.   

I realize that there are many different treatments for every convention and I'm not looking to prove that I'm right and he's wrong but rather to get input from expert and world class players and source material to convince him of what the accepted and best ways for responder to bid over MQ and   UN NT might be. 

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