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Reverse bidding with 4-4

All texts abour reverse bidding by opener seem to stipulate that the 2nd suit must be shorter than the 1st,

and thus the hand must be unbalanced. E.g. read the two page article by D. Lindop in the 2009 ACBL

series about " What's Standard". But why must the hand be unbalanced?


Consider as dealer holding a 2=4=4=3 type hand with 16+ HCP in the red suits and no HCP in the black ones.

Rather than opening 1 NT, bid 1D and if partner responds 1S, the bid 2H as a reverse.

What harm can come from this irregular bidding?

The same idea can also be used when holding 2=3=4=4 with 16 HCP in the two minor suits.

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