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Simple Transfers over 1 Club opening


I'm thinking of having simple transfers over the 1 opening with one of my partners here in the UK.

1      shows 4+ hearts

1      shows 4+ spades

1      shows 4 diamonds denies 4 card major

1NT      balanced 6-9

2       inverted minor 4+ suit and 10+ HCP

2/2/2   weak jump shift 3-6 HCP

2NT      balanced 10-12

3       inverted minor 5+ suit <9 HCP

This is in  5 card major strong (15-17) NT system and we currently play better minor.

Responses to 1/1

1Ma       completing the transfer shows balanced 12-14 hand and 2/3 of the suit

2Ma       shows 11-14 and is a raise likely 4 of major or 3 with shape

1NT       shows balanced 18-19

3Ma      shows 15-17 and 4 card support

2NT      Jacoby shows 4 card support and 18+

Other bids show unbalanced. 

Some questions I have.

1 How weak can the 1/1 responses be? 0+ or a little stronger?

2 Is it worth the effort or me and my partner to learn?

3 If they are so good should all balanced hands even 5332 hands with 5 diamonds be opened 1, making a 1 opening unbalanced and 4+

4 What is a simple defence to it as we may be first in our club to play these?

5 I also play Acol with some partners and wonder if transfer would work over a 1 opening which is likely to be 4 or more just curious 

Thanks for any thoughts on this.



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