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Vegas Baby -- This is more geared toward <300 crowd, but here it is:

{A general inquiry from and enthusiastic 299er arrived regarding the Las Vegas NABC}


No preregistration is required.

If you stay at the Cosmopolitan a few good things happen: The ACBL gets credit against their charges to rent space for the tournament based on rooms sold through the ACBL and/or its travel partner Peak Travel (I think and am pretty sure but not 100%). The Hotel waives its "resort fee" which is typically in the range of $25-$40 per night on top of the rate advertised. The resort fee includes wifi internet connection, use of exercise facility (again, I think) and that sort of thing. Finally, for me at least, it's fun to be on site to go back to my room and recover a bit between sessions and also to see all the top bridge players wandering the halls and hanging out in the bars and restaurants (although this may be less likely to happen in Vegas than in, say, Denver -- where pretty much the only thing going on for players in town during that week is happening at the host hotel).

That said there are cheaper (Bally's, Planet Hollywood, and others even more "downscale") or more luxurious (Bellagio, Caeser's, Aria, etc.) options nearby. Someone in the building industry told me that the Cosmopolitan was originally built as Condos and then the real estate market tanked and so the rooms have lower ceilings than typical hotel rooms -- I trust her, but again, I don't really know much about the claim or the typical practice. I can verify the coincidence of the building schedule for the Cosmopolitan and the life changing crash of 2008 that was instrumental in me eventually finding my way back to bridge.

As to the bridge itself: The ACBL is advertising 3 sessions of 0-5, 0-49, 0-99, 0-199, 0-299 bridge a day featuring Red Points (a certain number of which are required to achieve the rank of Life Master). I would be amazed if they actually hold more than 2 events, maybe 0-49 and 0-299. Just find the desk where they are selling entries, show up, tell them what event you want, pay and sit.

I would recommend entering at least one or more "Gold Rush" events while in Vegas. I plan to enter a couple of NABC+ events and I definitely rate myself in the "no chance to win" category there. The Gold Rush events are stratified so that the two lower strata are capped at 300 and 200. The people may be a bit more competitive/nasty than in a 299er game but if anything too uncomfortable occurs, or if some player seems to be attempting to enforce the rules herself, simply call for a director. They don't get paid by the call and they will help you out. They are also really good, not the riff raff that you get on Wednesdays at the club (hoping that brings a chuckle).

Feel free to present any questions and it sounds like people will have a great and fun week!

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