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Weak no trump, changing tactics for teams

We have been playing weak no trump for a while now and having a lot of fun with it. We are playing 12-14 in first/second seat and 15-17 in third/fourth seats. There has been plusses in the race to nt playing pairs and no major disasters. Next weekend we will be playing teams at a Regional and want to change the weak nt in first/second seat to weak when not vulnerable and strong when vulnerable.

I had a hand at the club tonight which seems to be a good case for changing strategies.

V vs. NV 1st seat I open 1nt on AQK962986K742, LHO doubles on 85AQAJ4QJT853, pass, pass back to me and rightly or wrongly, I redoubled as a SOS XX. RHO has  KJT93,JT5,QT32,A.  Fortunately for me, LHO (incorrectly) announced a failure to alert and bid 2 P 2 P 3

Against stronger opponents I would have been reporting -1100  to my team mates.

Comments please?

 edited: 6 missing from my hand .  partner is xxxx,xxxx,Kxx,xx

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