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What books/software should my friend buy?

My friend is an excellent poker player and very smart. Recently starting play bridge with me (decent recreational player, nothing more) as his mentor. We play sayc and his bidding is passable (hoho). His cardplay is, let's say, a work in progress. For example.





Will start by playing the jack, because 'finesse'. Similarly





for three tricks will start with low to the ace and then a low one at trick two followed by a tank. Nonetheless he's smart enough to play much better.


He lives in Finland and wants to buy some books. Not sure what's available there but anything that's downloadable is a bonus.


i) What should he get?

ii) Should he learn 2/1? It seems like such a better system and I think he'll pick it up quickly but his cardplay needs more work. What's the best book on 2/1?

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