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J and Lo in Atlanta

My Partner in Life, Jennifer,and I are going to the NABC in Atlanta. She calls herself a beginner, but her reallimitation is playingfrequency (She has the best Bridge Teacherfor at least severalhundred meters around living in her house). I have just under 2000 points. We are looking for teammates for Regional KOs, Swisses, and RRs. Weshould be there in time for the Monday Night Zips and are leaving on Saturday Morning. We are looking to play with established partners whom we won't take out of their comfort levels. Thereare a numberoftotal points"sweet spots" that make it easier to win, but we are mostly looking to have fun and kick some Bridge Butt. Best to PM me, if genuinely interested, but article comments, especially for clarification and similar requests to mine are welcome.

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