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Memphis Availability for National and Regional Events

Hi people of Bridgewinners,

I'm looking to finalize my plans for the Memphis NABC soon. Looking for the right partner/teammates for a few national events, or play as a pro for low-bracket open regional pair or team events.

Serious, fun, and friendly young player from Chicago. For more about me, see my profile, ACBL Live, or send me a hi in a Bridgewinners PM and we can talk! Can play any system with enough preparation (probably infamous around Chicago for the various strong and short club systems I play), but am happy to play standard 2/1 or anything else-- whatever ends up being most comfortable for the partnership comes first. I'm (hopefully) usually fun to play with-- pretty well tempered at the table, like to laugh (Laughter? Oh, no, someone call the director), and am not going to scream at you over a hand in the middle of a session.


For National Events:

-Fri-Sat March 22nd-23rd: 10k Swiss Teams (Whole team, just myself right now)

-Sun-Mon March 24th-25th: Lebhar IMP Pairs (Partner)

-Mon March 24th Onwards: Open or 10k Vanderbilt (Teammates. I have my primary tournament partner Phil McPeek for this event. I do have a very good junior as a potential 3rd, so we could take an individual).

-Sat-Sun March 30th-31st: NABC+ Fast Pairs or Jacoby Swiss (Partner. I have my primary pair from my college team for the Jacoby Swiss, but we may be open to playing Fast Pairs+ instead so we can get home Sunday for the start of classes rather than early Monday Morning.)


As a Pro for open regional events:

-Thursday-Sunday March 20th-24th as a partner

-Monday-Friday March 25th-29th as a pair with my regular tournament partner. Best availability is Monday-Wednesday, as we plan to play Silodor or team events with friends Thursday-Friday.

Great as an add-on for any event for a lower bracket/strata due to lower total MPs as a younger player.

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