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Spring NABC: Mixed & Silodor

I'm looking for a female partner for the Mixed Pairs at the spring NABC and for a partner of either gender (could be the same one) for the Silodor Pairs.  I would consider a professional for the Mixed.

Experience suggests that I would have a good chance of making the second day of either event, but only a remote chance of a high placing.  Open to various options if we don't Q.

I typically play a standardish 2/1 system, though I have some experience playing a strong club and also played a non-2/1 standard system for many years with one partner.  So long as you don't try to inflict Bergen, I am pretty flexible about conventions.  I'd expect to play a bit on BBO beforehand.

I've posted frequently on here and a search on my name will probably help fill out what I'm like.

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