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Teammates needed for 10K Swiss and Keohane Swiss in San Diego

My friend and long time partner Bob Bell and I are looking for teammates for the 10K Swiss and for the Keohane Swiss.  For the Keohane we have a strong third (Ken Rosenffeld) and seek a partner or pair.  Bob and I are a long term partnership going back to Harvey Mudd College '72/'73 and have finished in the overalls in the LM Mens Pairs in the 70s (we took 30+ years off to raise families) and the National Swiss in Reno.  We both got our LMs in the 70s and play frequently on BBO in set games together.  Together we made it to the final day in the National BAM in Phoenix and separately have made overalls in National IMP Pairs and the like.  We seek decent players and friendly folks.  PM me if interested.

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