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Toronto LM Pairs/Spingold

Hi All,

I'm looking for a compatible partner for the LM Pairs and/or Spingold in Toronto (preferably both). I'm also happy to show up a day early to do the regional pairs before LM as a warmup.

I would consider myself someone who plays bridge comfortably at a high level and generally easy going and enjoyable to play with. I play with a variety of people locally, but don't know many people outside Seattle given a long hiatus from bridge. I play both precision and 2/1 depending on partner and am comfortable with both. For precision style, I typically play a Meck Lite system or transfer precision based off of precision today.

Not sure how best to speak to skill level. If you care about power ratings done by ckchampion, I'm generally around 62 and the 3 regionals I've attended since getting back into bridge have gone well. During my 4 days in Victoria, we won the Thursday regional pairs event, were 3/4 in a bracket 1 KO, and were 3rd in the regional swiss.

For style preferences I almost always play UDCA, with kickback and non serious 3NT being 2 conventions I like for slam bidding that not everyone likes/plays. I will happily discuss hands in depth if desired, but preferably after the session is over.

Thanks for any interest or suggestions! :)


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