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ACBL list command output without acblscore

The following is a goggle disk link to a vbs script we use at our club that allows us to bypass acblscore to create a .txt for an event by reading the acblscore file directly.  

We use bridgecomposer and this script file is called (run/executed) by our preprocesing posting procedure (a.k.a. wrapper program).  It is essentially only useful for bridgecomposer users since it mimics the acblscore LR command using the list option.   Whereas ACBLmerge desires the standard recap output option.  We use the list command since it sorts the results by the pairs/teams scores. 

Before this script we used autoitscript to pass key strokes and look at acblscore windows to get our text files.   This program has significantly help reduce timing errors and extraneous unknow window messing up our processing,


Its a vbs file and thus should run without any other code on a windows XP or later system (we run it on vista, window 7, and windows 10), it requires no add-ons and should be able to run once downloaded to a windows computer.  A .pdf file exists  within the shared google link  discuss its usage. 

Sorry for this distribution technique,  but our site does not have an anonymous ftp capability  to allow html/ftp downloads.

Use as you see a need or an interest.  Thanks to Matthew Kidd's decoding of the acblgame file for making this all possible. 



The google drive link






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