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ACBL Tournament Page URLs

All - perhaps you know this already, but the simple (fixed) URL for a tournament page (Here is on eexample): 

is literally stable only until the next change.  After e-mails and phone calls with Mitch Hodus and Jay Whipple, I've learned the current Tourney Trax/Tournament Calendar system is designed to provide a validated record of all changes to tournaments.  In doing so, the tournament page remains dynamic and subject to change to the tourid value whenever any material change to the content of the page is made.  Attempting to use tournament (sanction) number as perhaps a more stable identifier for the tournament page will not work and is not enabled under the API.

Here is a real example of the change in URL that might escape your notice if you have fixed URLs (as I do) on your sites:

(Original) Lexington Regional 2017 URL: 

Later Lexington Regional 2017 URL:

Latest (Today) Lexington 2017 URL: 

What this means is if you use fixed URLs to link to tournament pages, you will be linking to the "wrong" page once any change is made.  While I have no first hand knowledge, I surmise that the tourid value is the unique identifier, and that it is simply assigned sequentially (later versions are always higher numbers out of sequence). I also surmise that all tourid's remain live - and no redirect to the most recent page is possible.  

Mitch is aware of the problem and his team is offering an API with guidance for Web Masters like us.  I hope to get my key from the ACBL so I can begin testing the beta version of the API to see how close I can come to the desired information flow I want to maintain on my Unit and District sites.  I will keep you posted with what I learn - pluses and minuses.

Mitch also mentioned that the amount of work necessary to give a tournament page a stable URL but meet the need for validated change tracking is more than current priorities allow.  I believe and support that choice.  

More soon.

Please share oyur experiences and ideas.



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