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District NAP/GNT Liist Generator on the Common Game

Thanks to Jay Whipple and the Common Game Team for this list generator tool.  It can list all qualifiers for NAPs or GNTs (I recognize not all Districts hold GNT qualifier events).  

For the NAPs, this list shows what the ACBL knows in its database.  That means it misses about 1% of the NAP qualifiers - these are people who qualify but do not win master points in that game.  the ACBLScore report stores these folks locally but does not report them to the ACBL.  Therefore people are urged to check with the club where they believed they qualified to confirm their "Q".  Most Districts allow people to play in the District Final and check credentials if they finish in the top 3 or 4 (those going to the Spring NABC event).  

The list is at:

I asked Jay for an NAP list generator URL that we could customize for District and Unit websites:

Make sure your district number and unit number are correct.  Truncate the Unit reference (&unit=) if you want all units in the District.  

I hope this helps communicate to your Qualifiers that they should join in competing in this grass roots event. 


Steve Moese

Again, I find the obligation to thank Jay Whipple for the wonderful work he has done to bring the ACBL into the data age! Thanks Jay!

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