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I want to thank so much for this web site and thought I'd start an "introductions" discussion for people who'd like to introduce themselves in the Webmasters Forum. My name is Bill George from Unit 500 and I joined the ACBL in Feb. 1973. I programmed my TRS-80 to matchpoint duplicate games in October 1978 and this interest in microcomputers allowed me to switch careers from accounting to a 29 year IT career, retiring in 2007. Marriage caused me to give up running my twice weekly duplicate game I started in the middle 1970s. In 1996 I set up a web site for my local Unit 500 and recently converted it from Dreamweaver to Joomla 2.5 using the ifreedom template (it is much easier to manage now, 18 yrs later, and has a new URL I've used a Mac since I retired in 2007 and use VMWare Fusion to run ACBLSCOR, BridgeComposer, CC editor  and a few other pgms that only run on PCs. I still use Dreamweaver and Filezilla to do a few things. I'm using Westhost to host the web site, having used originally (because it was free). 

I have a web site for you, the "Wayback Machine". For years they have been saving copies of your web site. Just go to it and type in your URL, and see if they have yours. There are several versions of beginning on October 22, 2008.

For the most part, I've found that bridge players aren't interested in computers. They just want to play bridge. So this forum has so much potential for those somewhat isolated people who are passionate about the web and technology and have a love of duplicate bridge.

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