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Is there a Current Best Approach for managing Club, Unit, and District Calendars?

One area where Unit 124 would like to improve how we manage game details and report game results is by an improved calendar application. You can see our current approach at:  

The Upsides:

The user is always directed to the current month and can easily refer to past games by navigating to a previous month.

The Game results are available in one file combining the Press Report and the Hand recordss as published by Bridgemate.  These hand records are mroe complete than typical .pdf printouts (though we still provide those immediately after the game).  We have a customized FTP app that allows the director to upload the results in 2-3 steps directly to the server so that results publish immediately after going final.  Directors can also easily make corrections via ACBLScore when called to their attention (errors, etc).

We have one calendar for club games at our bridge center (multiple sanction holders rent space and share overheads/communication facilities).

The downsides:

We have to program the game links ahead of time.  No link, no file posted, even if the FTP sends it to the server.  This is tedious and requires special attention for special games like STaCs or holiday parties, etc.  

We have no EASY way of showing which games are special games - club championships Unit Championships, Charity Events, STaCs - so we publish a monthly flyer with that detail - hate the duplication of effort.  Frankly we'd love a way to allow each sanction holder to manage their special games directly - but that's another story.  

Each calendar year has its own file so folks have to navigate by year - and we have to keep several years in separate links...

I've seen what I believe to be a Google Calendar on District 17's website, but am not sure how rick we can make the entries and stay useful in one browser frame.  Also am unsure if multiple authors can make a go of it without substantial supervision/training.  

And by the way we know folks do NOT like having TWO calendars - one for events (prospective) and one for results (retrospective).  Our customers want one thing - SIMPLE is good here for them and for us webmasters too.

Any good ideas?????


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