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Permanent URLs - a Modest Tip

In a bid to help unit and club web masters we have created several permanent URLs on the District 11 site.  This way they can post a link to high demand content and never have to update the link - it will always point to the most recent version of that content.  Yes, it means a little more work for the District webmaster but only marginally so.  Here's an example of what we do:

District 11 Permanent URLs:

ACBL BoD Report: 

Midwest Monitor: 

Tournament Calendar:

The D11 ACBL BoD Report issues shortly after each NABC+ (3 times per year) - we keep a dated copy for archive

The Midwest Monitor is a quarterly publication - we keep a dated copy for archive

The Tournament Calendar is the District planning tool with a multi year outlook and is updated as needed. We post only the current version.



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