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What's the best way to display results. Initially, I just uploaded an HTM created from ACBLscore into a website I hacked together (later went mostly to Wordpress). Since, then I have found better ways - especially if a club has access to a Dealing Machine and electronic scoring devices (Bridgemates or Bridge Pads). Here are the ones I know about:

1. Ray Spalding's BridgeComposer is one solution. It can combine a text results file, handrecord, and bws (from scoring device). His companion Scorepost might make uploading easier if you are not doing your own FTPing.

2. is used by a lot of clubs, sometimes in conjunction with BridgeComposer Scorepost. It's hand presentation is quite good and it has a wordpress-like site building component. It even supports http-post if you don't like the idea of having your game owners logging into a site to upload games.

3. Matthew Kidd's ACBLmerge is a gem. That gentleman can code! It uses as input a text results file, gamefile (ACx), a handfile, and a BWS. I believe only the results file and gamefile are mandatory. It produces a pretty cool hand presentation include mouseover popups of player picture and totals, and a color-coded pair recap sheet. Perhaps it's not quite as full-featured as, but it's what I currently use and our players have come to expect. The only gotcha is it's completely command line driven, so one needs to write or find a front end. I wrote a Perl hack of one. But, Philippe Lamoise did a whole lot better.

4. One should take a look at Philippe Lamoise's He worked with Matthew who enhanced ACBLmerge to produce a JSON output. Philippe does a bunch of metrics on a person's results. It's not a website builder or provider. It is for results presentation. And, it is excellent. I investigated a year ago but opted not to pursue. I will probably look again

4. uses ACBLmerge and other tools to perform a nice interclub competition and provides expert commentary as well as a nice presentation and an impressive matrix of personal historical game data when you log in.

5. ACBL game results service - free and used by some clubs, but not as many as I would have thought. I have not used it, but I believe it utilizes BridgeComposer which would allow you to upload/combine a BWS and PBN as well.

6. - It's presentation is good, but see my review of Pianola in another thread.

What else is there? If one had the time, energy, and coding expertise, he could use Matthew Kidd's recently created ACBLgamefile dump to roll his own. But, that seems like that's reinventing a wheel that doesn't need it.

I think a few people have found away to add a hand replay along with the recap.

What nifty game recap presentations are there out there that I'm not aware of?

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