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Unit web site template?

Hi all,

First post.  I've volunteered to look into overhauling/replacing our unit web site and want to keep it as simple as possible.  Does anyone know if there's a template of some kind available, or a basic site I can plagiarize the layout, or other suggestions on how best to tackle this.

The existing site has been minimally maintained for 10+ years and is lightly used.  For now I think I just want very minimal content (board info, links to clubs, upcoming tournaments, etc.) in a fresh modern layout.

Unrelated bonus question for techies:  another task (I know, I should keep my hands down) is how best to print the results in the daily bulletin for our upcoming regional.  Apparently this has been a tedious process in the past - waiting until late at night for text file from director/ACBLScore and then hand-formatting for the print-shop.  Any tips appreciated.

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