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What Works and What Doesn't?

In the spirit of sharing best practices I'd like to spark a detailed discussion here about running a club, unit, district or tournament website (or their international/non-ACBL equivalents).  Let's start the discussion about:

1) What content works and what doesn't

2) How to design the site for the casual visitor - make things easy to find.

3) How to manage a site for a complex blended organization - Unit and clubs from one site.

4) How often do you choose to update information on your site?

5) Do you prefer to pay a professional to manage your site or are you a DIY maven - and why? Do you have a preferred vendor? If so, why?

6) Are there free widgets or apps that would be useful for all of us webmasters to know about? What do you recommend? (Frames (ugh!), Marquee scrolls, animated gifs, calendars, lists, blogs0

7) Does anyone allow several authors to post at the same time (say, each club sanction holder can update the details for their game)?

8) How effective is your website at attracting and keeping players?  What metrics do you use?

9) What are your thoughts on allowing advertising on your site?  (Say, as BW does here with Google Ads).

10) What questions do you want posted/answered?  Have you recommended this forum to other web masters you know?  The bigger we are the better the knowledge we share!!

11) how important really are views sized for smart phones, tablets, and full size screens?  Can't we just make one version work for everyone? If so, how?

What say you??

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