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gotta go viral ......

the question we wish to ask is, "how to get the videos below to go viral ? "this month forbes magazine announced, bill gates and warren buffet as the #1 & #2 wealthiest individuals in the world /gates too, has the largest charitable foundation in the world / buffet is committed to giving 99% of his fortune to charity / what's more as you probably know they are both bridge fanatics /in the first 6 minute youtube video both encourage our youngsters to learn the game / in the 2nd thirty second video gates alone speaks to the youth about the advantages of bridge / although bridge players are aware that gates & buffet are bridge enthusiasts, the rest of the world has no idea / further, it is unlikely in our time that the western world will come across better role models than this pair for our youth / perhaps we can get our kids to figure out how to make these clips go viral / both these videos have only been viewed 25,000 times in six years / that's disappointing / how to make sure that school decision makers view these ?

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