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Local club in England shows how to encourage Youth Bridge!

As an England Junior Squad Leader, I had the privilege of attending a session run at Stamford Bridge club in England, the first they have run and it looks like the first of many. Stamford is a small town about 100km North of London and in many ways it is a typical local Bridge club. In one other way, they have started something quite amazing and it is an example to everyone of what can be done with an idea and a whole lot of effort from a group of committed, enthusiastic warm and friendly people. 

Lead by a retired teacher by the name of Liz Dale, they've been getting volunteers into schools to start teaching Minibridge and then ultimately Bridge - working to the curriculum developed by the EBU Junior Award Scheme ( They've had contact with over 10 schools so far with more coming onto the list. And last Friday they held a Minibridge competition at their club for 72 pupils aged 8-14. This all from scratch. Furthermore, some of the school pupils had special needs such as Tourette's syndrome and dyspraxia and have found that Bridge helps them with focus and social interaction.

None of these volunteers is a name in the game, but I can assure you that they were absolutely superstars - each and everyone. The session was enormously well received by the young players who are now desperate to come back for more. And I'll be back in the future to offer my support and encouragement.

Having seen what these people have begun all on their own, there is absolutely no excuse for anyone to think they can't do the same and help spread the game to new players, especially the younger generation!

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