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Thank You From SiVY!

Earlier this month, we asked the Bridge Winners community to help support Silicon Valley Youth Bridge. We are awed and humbled by the response, which exceeded our goal of $30,000 in less than three weeks. Thanks to the generosity of this community — from local California bridge enthusiasts to donors far away — these kids will continue to enjoy after-school bridge programs, pizza parties, and prizes, and many will receive stipends for travel to the Youth NABC this summer.

SiVY’s success has been built upon a community of volunteers; the only way we can develop the next generation of bridge players is to come together as a community and teach this great game to the young people in our lives. We encourage all bridge players to play a part in this effort, whether by starting a youth bridge organization in your area, volunteering for such an organization that already exists, or continuing to support these organizations financially.

We are grateful to the many bridge players who have contributed time and money to this effort since SiVY was founded in 2013. Today, we wish to especially thank everyone who participated in this month’s fundraising effort and helped us reach our goal:

ACBL Unit 525
Adam Parrish
Agnes Lee
Ai-Tai Lo
AJ Stephani
Alex Perlin
Allen Simon
Alvin Levy
Amy Mitura
Anant Rathi
Andrew Cavalier
Andrew Eastwood
Andrew Rosenthal
Barbara Barnes
Bo Xiao
Brendan Byrne
Brian Wyman
C.Edward White, Jr.
Carol Swenson
Cheryl Haines
Christian Jolly
Constance Goldberg
David Babcock
David Lichaber
David Yoon
Doreen Feigenbaum
Drew Becker
Edward Paul
Edward Wold
Florin Constantin
Frank R. Stewart
Gary Weinstein
Greg Herman
Haig Tchamitch
James Olson
Jan Martel
Janice Nakao
Jeffrey Wolfson
Jess Cohen
Jim and Sue Munday
Joel Singer
John McAllister
John Moschella
Jonathan Green
Jonathan Hellman
Joseph Stokes
Julie Arbit
Jun Shi
Kaare Gjaldbaek
Karen Allison
Kate Walters
Kay Enfield
Ken Imboden
Kristen Metzger
Larry Cohen
Leo Bell
Linda Nemmer
Lynn Shannon
Manuela Marani
Margery Yates
Mark Bennett
Mark Moss
Mark Sundelin
Martin Fleisher and Andrea Bierstein
Max Schireson
Maxine Kivel
Mel Colchamiro
Michael Bodell
Michael Hughes
Michael Schuster
MIchael Whitman
Mitch Towner
Nancy Gordy
Oren Kriegel
Pamela Stoner
Paul Lewis
Peter Boyd
Richard DeVaul
Robert Levin
Ron Bishop
Ryan Schultz
Sally Woolsey
Sheryl Nagy
Stanley M. Barg Fund
Stephen Zolotow
Stu Goodgold
Susan Griswold
Susan Lee
Tanya Rodich
Vinita Gupta
William Bailey
Yehudit Hasin
Yi Liu
Yuan Shen

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